Nursing Excellence: Continuing Education for Baptist Health Nurses

Cultivating Committed Caregivers

Nursing is a lifelong learning commitment because the field of medicine and healthcare is continually changing and improving.  At Baptist Health, we realize education is vital to evidence-based care and positive patient outcomes.  Furthermore, studies reveal that patients’ mortality rates improve when they are cared for by nurses with higher education.

Baptist Health has dedicated nurses who understand that knowledge is a powerful tool, making the difference between a patient’s life and death.  Baptist Health Foundation is proud of our devoted nurses, and we make cultivating these committed caregivers a priority.

Our philanthropic partners have strengthened Baptist Health Foundation’s ability to collaborate with Baptist Health’s Nursing Leadership and Human Resources. Because of their support, we have been able to invest more than $5,000 in tuition assistance for each nurse who desires to complete a bachelor’s degree, an advanced degree, or specialized professional certificate.  Through charitable gifts, more than $1.6 million has been invested in tuition assistance for Baptist Health nurses.

Join our efforts to inspire and invest in our nurses through a Little Rock Open sponsorship!  Together, we can encourage excellent nurses, improve patient outcomes, and build a healthier Arkansas.


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